Qargos f9 World's First cargo scooter platform Compact Logistics Vehicle – CLV™


QARGOS introduces the QARGOS F9, addressing cargo transportation needs for items weighing 20 kg to 120 kg and volumes up to 225 litres. This innovative solution fills the void between two-wheel and 3/4-wheel vehicles, catering to diverse logistical.

The QARGOS F9, emerges as a game-changer in global logistics operations, especially in regions reliant on scooters, motorcycles, and e-bikes for logistics operations.

The QARGOS F9, offers a spacious storage area upto 225-litres and a 120 kg max load-bearing capacity, prioritizing rider safety and addressing the needs of individuals reliant on two-wheelers for income.


  • Modular Design

  • Technology Platform

  • Superior Handling & Dynamics

  • Cargo & Rider Safety

  • Largest Storage Capacity

  • 80Kmph Top Speed

Modular Design

The electric scooter boasts a modular design, allowing for versatile customization and easy maintenance.

Technology Platform

Powered by a cutting-edge technology platform, The scooter ensures seamless connectivity and enhanced user experience.

Superior Handling & Dynamics

Experience superior handling and dynamics, designed for optimal performance with lower centre of gravity.

Cargo and Rider Safety

Prioritizing cargo and rider safety, the scooter integrates advanced safety features for peace of mind on the road.

Largest Storage Capacity

Enjoy the largest storage capacity in its class, offering more room for all your belongings during your ride.

80Kmph Top Speed

With a top speed of 80 km/h, the scooter delivers thrilling acceleration and exhilarating performance while maintaining safety standards.


F9's modular architecture enables versatile applications, allowing seamless adaptation to diverse needs and scenarios.

REFRIGERATED COMPARTMENT: Equipped with adaptable cooling systems, F9 ensures optimal temperature control for perishable goods during transit.

BUSINESS ON WHEEL: Transforming into a mobile storefront, F9 facilitates on-the-go entrepreneurship with its customizable design.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: With its agile mobility and robust construction, F9 serves as a reliable aid vehicle for roadside assistance operations.

PARCEL DELIVERY: Streamlining last-mile logistics, F9 enhances delivery efficiency with its spacious cargo capacity and swift manoeuvrability.

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